Baby hammocks are the latest rage in baby beds. They conform to baby’s body, cradling him snugly and offering unparalleled comfort and safety. Most are made of a breathable mesh that ensures baby will never smother, so they are very safe for your infant.

Parents who find their babies do not sleep well in a traditional crib or bassinet may find a baby hammock is just the solution they’ve been looking for! Since a baby hammock cradles the baby very snugly, it offers the baby the secure feeling it would receive if it was in its mother’s arms. This helps the baby sleep more soundly.

Studies have shown the infants sleep best when swaddled tightly and are swaying gently. That is why babies sleep so well in their mother’s arms. Her arms hold the baby snugly, and her breathing offers a gentle swaying motion that lulls the baby to sleep.

Baby hammocks offer the same type of soothing sleep environment that the arms of a parent offers. The baby is snug and feels safe, and the gentle motion caused by the freely swinging hammock will lull the baby to sleep gently. Some baby hammocks are even motorized, and will rock the baby gently as it sleeps in the hammock.

There are many styles of baby hammocks available. Most are a type of sling with a quilted mattress in the bottom. They either have a hook that attaches to a bracket that can be mounted on a ceiling, or they come with a special stand. Some even have optional mosquito netting that can attach to the outside to protect your baby from insects when outdoors in the hammock! These make fantastic portable beds. You can simply take the stand and the bed with you wherever you go, and set it up when you get there! They are great for camping, the beach, the back yard, the patio, the park… virtually anywhere!

If your baby is having trouble sleeping, you should really try a baby hammock. You may soon realize what millions of parents have already discovered – a baby hammock is the most natural and comfortable way for your baby to sleep!