Beach hammocks have become very popular recently. They are typically lightweight, very portable, and many models can fold up to fit inside a backpack or beach bag.

A beach hammock is somewhat like a folding lounge chair. They usually have strong steel frames, and the basic hammock is usually made of nylon. They are quite durable, long lasting, and easy to carry.

Beach hammocks are also considered to be more comfortable and relaxing than a typical beach lounge chair. They can rock and sway gently in the breeze, but caution should be exercised! If you become to comfortable and fall asleep in the sun, you could get a nasty sunburn!

When looking for a beach hammock, you might try to find one with a stainless steel frame instead of a standard steel frame. Since you may be using your beach hammock near water fairly often, a standard steel frame may begin to rust. Stainless steel frames will not rust, so they will last longer.

Weight is something you should look at carefully when buying a beach hammock. They can range from about 15 pounds to as much as 30! Most beach hammocks tend to be around 20-25 pounds. This may be quite a lot to carry, especially if you have a lot of other items you will be taking the the beach with you.

Beach hammocks are still a good choice for many. They can be more comfortable than a standard lounge chair, and are a much better choice than a standard beach towel because they keep you elevated off the ground. With air circulating under you, this can help keep you cooler, and lessen your chances of getting heat exhaustion. They also help keep you off the soil or sand, protecting your skin and clothing.

A good beach hammock will probably cost you anywhere from $75 to $100. Cheaper models can be had, but they may be less durable and may not hold as much weight. They are a bit more expensive than a standard lounge chair, but a good beach hammock is well worth the expense if it is something you can afford.