Camping in hammocks has been increasing in popularity over the last couple of decades. Camping hammocks are a marvelous way to go camping, because they are lightweight and much easier to carry than a traditional tent.

So what is a camping hammock? A camping hammock is a bit like a typical hammock. It is usually attached between two trees with a gentle webbing that does not damage the bark of the tree. But instead of being just an open bed, it has a cover over the top like a tent. Basically, it is a tent in the form of a hammock.

They typically have a water-resistant, mosquito-repellent covering that will keep out insects, and also protect you from the rain.

A camping hammock has several benefits over traditional tents:

1. It helps protect you from ground-based pests such as snakes and rodents. Traditional tents are prone to invasion from these small ground dwellers.

2. It protects the ground. When you pitch a tent, you tear up the soil when you drive the stakes into the ground. There are no stakes with a camping hammock.

3. It can be pitched practically anywhere that has two sturdy trees that are somewhat close together. Traditional tents require a clear, mostly level surface.

4. You will not be susceptible to flooding. If you experience a storm, your tent may become flooded and leave you sleeping in water! This won’t happen if you’re suspended a couple of feet above the ground!

5. It is easy to carry. A tent can weight several pounds, and can’t fit inside a backpack. A camping hammock is lightweight and very easy to fit inside most backpacks, making it a great choice for hikers!

If you love camping, I encourage you to give this a try. You’ve experienced nothing like the joy of swaying gently in the night air, looking up at the clear sky full of stars, and knowing you are protected from the critters below. It is safe, relaxing, and economical. Plus, you will be protecting the environment from the damage that can be caused by pitching a tent. And you’ll thank yourself for the portability these little beauties offer you when you set your camping hammock up in two minutes, rather than the 15 or more your old tent probably takes!