Many people love the quiet, relaxing nature of hammocks. But many people simply don’t have any trees available to hang a hammock from! So how do you hang a hammock when you have no trees, or how do you hang a hammock indoors? You can use a hammock stand!

Before you buy a hammock stand, you need to make sure you buy the right kind. You need to see if your hammock has spreader bars first. Hammocks with spreaders bars are typically flatter than other hammocks, and will hand closer to the ground. Most stands will indicate which type of hammock they are designed for.

There are two major types of hammock stands – wood and metal. Wooden hammock stands are very attractive and natural in appearance, but they can be costly. They are harder to put together in many cases, and must also typically be treated to repel water. The most popular type of wooden hammock stand is called a Roman Arc hammock stand. These are safe, very stable, and are made from gorgeous Cypress wood.

Metal stands are easier to put together, require less maintenance, and typically cost a bit less than their wooden counterparts. The biggest concern with steel stands is that sometimes the paint can chip off, and those areas will rust. Stainless steel stands are available, but cost more than standard steel hammock stands. Stainless steel hammock stands will not rust the way standard steel stands might.

Finally, if you do have one tree available, you can hang the other end of your hammock from a hammock post. These posts are typically made of stainless steel, so they won’t rust. They are very sturdy and reliable, and they cost much less than buying a full hammock stand.

You can see that it is quite simple to hang a hammock almost anywhere. Most hammock stands will even work just as well indoors as they do outdoors, so you can even use your hammock inside if you want! Just remember, wooden stands are beautiful, but they are expensive and require more care than stainless steel. I do not recommend standard steel stands, but if you need something very inexpensive, a steel hammock stand can be a good temporary solution.