Hammocks are a marvelously relaxing way to unwind. Imagine lying down under your favorite shade tree and gently rocking in the breeze. It is fun and feels very liberating. Nothing compares to the relaxation you get rocking gently in a light breeze!

Hammocks come in several forms. The most common form is the rope hammock. These look somewhat like a fishing net, with cotton or polyester ropes tied together in net form. Another kind is the quilted hammock. Quilted hammocks have a soft, quilted mat to rest on. These are generally more comfortable than standard rope hammocks, although they may be a bit warm on very hot summer days. Rope hammocks allow air to circulate and help keep you cooler. Increasingly popular are camping hammocks, which actually have a waterproof mesh over the top. These keep out insects and also protect you from rain. These are excellent for backpackers and hikers. Also becoming more popular are Mayan and Brazilian hammocks. These are very similar in style, but Mayan hammocks are more like a woven material and Brazilian’s are similar to a standard fabric. Brazilian hammocks are especially nice for couples. They come in very comfortable XL models that allow two people to rest in them very comfortably. Mayan hammocks can also be bought in large sizes to accommodate couples and even a few children!

Something you will discover about hammocks is that the more comfortable they are, the pricier they tend to be. With comfort comes an increase in price. That is why it is important to shop around for discounts, because you can really save money by shopping sales or during off-seasons.

The type of hammock you will want to purchase will depend on what you want to use it for, and what your budget happens to be.

Rope hammocks are an inexpensive type of hammock that almost anyone can afford. They are not as comfortable as other models, but they are durable and inexpensive.

Quilted hammocks are more comfortable, but also typically cost a bit more than traditional rope versions. They are often a bit less durable than rope hammocks.

Mayan hammocks are a bit like rope styles, but they are a more tightly woven mesh and are more comfortable. They can be pricey, but they come in larger models that are great for couples and families.

Brazilian hammocks are similar to Mayan hammocks, but instead of being a type of mesh, they are woven into an actual cloth-like material. They are very comfortable, but they can be expensive.

Hammock chairs are generally rope hammocks, but instead of being hung from both ends so you can lie down, they are hung at the top, like a swing. Instead of lying down in them, you sit in them. These are great for reading and general relaxing.

Most hammock types can be used indoors or outdoors. Check the package to find out if your hammock is recommended for use indoors, outdoors, or both.