Hanging hammocks does not need to be extremely difficult. In fact, it can take as little as two or three minutes if you take the time to learn how to do it properly before you begin!

Step One: Determine the type of hammock you have. You need to know if you have a hammock with or without spreader bars. If you have spreader bars, you will notice a wooden, plastic, or metal bar at each end that spreads the individual ropes apart.

Step Two: Decide on a location for your hammock. You should choose a flat, stable area if you will be using a hammock stand. If the area you choose is on unstable soil, or if it isn’t very even, you may need to choose another location or fill the area in with some fill dirt. The ground underneath doesn’t matter so much if you will be using two trees, or a tree and a hammock post.

Step Three: If you are hanging your hammock in two trees, you should be certain that the two trees are each at least 12” in diameter. Trees should also be hard wood. I do not recommend using soft wood trees to hang hammocks. If you’re using a wood post, you should be sure it is at least 4×4 and treated hard wood. The lumber should be treated, and free of cracks, rot, or other damage. When using a post, you should dig down at least two feet (deeper if the soil is very soft or sandy). Place the post in the center of the hole and fill with cement. Then let this dry for 48 hours before hanging the hammock. If you are using a hammock stand to hang your hammock, simply follow the instructions that come with it.

Step Four: Be certain to pull the hammock tightly enough that it will not sag all the way to the ground when you lie down in it. It should be about 4-5 feet off the ground if it has spreader bars, or 6-8 feet if not.

Hammocks with spreader bars will look almost totally flat and parallel to the ground when no one is occupying them. Hammocks without spreader bars will be a little more relaxed in appearance. You will know if you have the right distance simply by lying in the hammock. Start carefully and slowly the first time you lie down in your hammock, just in case something has gone wrong with the installation. If you are a good 12-24 inches above the ground when lying down in it, you’ve done a good job hanging the hammock.