Patio hammocks are much like traditional hammocks. They come with a special stand that is usually made of steel or stainless steel, but may be made of wood. They are designed especially to save space and maximize comfort.

While almost any hammock can be used on your patio with a hammock stand, patio hammocks are specially designed to save space. Since most patios are fairly small, this is a real concern. Traditional hammocks can be quite large, so a space-saving patio hammock might be necessary for you if your patio is a bit on the small side.

Since patios are usually highly exposed to the elements, you should take care to choose a hammock made of a durable material. It is recommended that you purchase a patio hammock made of synthetic material, rather than one made of cotton. Cotton can be damaged by water and UV light from the sun, but synthetic fibers can withstand these elements for much longer.

Another concern is the material that the stand is made from. Wooden stands should be made of treated wood to lessen damage by the elements. Even treated wood may not last long in particularly damp or cold climates. Steel is stronger than wood, but may rust quickly in wet climates especially. Stainless steel is the best choice, offering superior strength, as well as rust resistance.

You may also wish to buy a special hammock pillow to further increase your comfort while using your hammock. You should take care to buy one with a durable covering and one that has strings to anchor it to your hammock. Since your patio hammock will be used outdoors, the wind might blow away your pillow if it is not attached to the hammock.

If space is a very big concern, you might consider getting a hammock chair instead of a standard hammock. You will still get the comfort of swaying and swinging gently in the breeze, yet its upright design will save space, and it will also be easier to read or watch your children play while in an upright position.