Portable hammocks are a wonderful way to get the comfort of a hammock anywhere you go. They can be used by the pool, at the beach, or while camping. In fact, I highly recommend bringing a portable hammock with you on your next camping trip if you have room in your tent. It is much more comfortable than sleeping on the ground, and it has the added benefit of protecting you from any pests or rodents that may enter your tent, or from flooding if you have a large rain storm.

Portable hammocks are typically made of nylon, with a steel or stainless steel frame. If you can find one with a stainless steel frame, I recommend that you choose this type. Ordinary steel frames can rust easily, and since their portable nature often puts them near water, this type of hammock can really use the added protection of the stainless steel frame.

If you are going to be using a portable hammock for camping, and you intend to do a lot of hiking, I recommend choosing a camping hammock instead. These are designed to be a tent and a hammock in one, and they are very small and lightweight. You can carry your tent and hammock inside your backpack!

Portable hammocks are better for people who won’t be doing a lot of moving around once they reach their destination. They are fairly bulky, and may weight 20 pounds or more, so they are not recommended for hikers or backpackers. They are great for day trips to the beach, or for lounging by the pool. They are also wonderful for storing inside a tent that will not be moved around much.

Portable hammocks are also nice to have on hand as guest beds. If you have company over and they intend to stay the night, these can make a comfortable alternative to the guests having to sleep on the sofa or floor. They fold up to be stored out of sight during the day, and can come out only at night, or when needed. They are also wonderful for slumber parties and sleepovers when there may not be enough room for everyone to sleep.