Rope hammocks are probably the most popular and well-known type of hammock available. They are made of cotton or synthetic ropes that are tied together into a net-like material. The type made of synthetic (usually polyester) ropes tend to be more durable and long-lasting. These fibers can stand up to harsh weather more readily than cotton ropes.

Polyester rope hammocks do have one main drawback. Some people say that cotton rope hammocks are more comfortable than those made with polyester rope. The cotton ropes tend to be softer.

One problem rope hammocks have is the fact that they can sometimes leave unfomfortable marks on the skin where the ropes push into the skin. Many people prefer to place some sort of cloth, such as a blanket, over the hammock before the rest on it.

The care of rope hammocks is quite simple. Simply add a small amount of liquid detergent to a small pail of water, then use a sponge to carefully wipe it down. I recommend using a gentle cleanser, such as one made for the gentle cycle. This will help those fibers last longer.

Rope hammocks are not expensive. They can be found in several types. The first main type is a simple hammock that is meant to be tied at each end to trees. This type is very inexpensive. The second main type actually comes with a metal stand. The hammock attaches to the stand at each end, instead of to trees. This type is more expensive, but easier to set up than the kind that attack to trees.

Make sure you check the maximum weight before you purchase. If you think there may ever be more than one person on the hammock at a time, you should make certain the weight allowance will handle the weight of both people.

Rope hammocks are a very inexpensive and fun way to get more enjoyment out of any outdoor setting. They can also be great in a sun room, or even in a child’s bedroom as a fun place to store stuffed toys! Plus, if the child has friends sleep over, the hammock can double as an extra bed for the friend!